Our WEBBY instructors have been rolling, jumping and moving their way around your child’s fun-filled Gymnastics class. Here are just some of the amazing benefits your child is receiving during class.

  • Engages the Brain – Learning and completing a gymnastics routine requires the left brain and right brain to engage in order to help children learn body and spatial awareness.
  • Cultivates Self-control & Discipline – Learning body control and self-discipline develops lifelong skills that help children learn to work with others, work by themselves and stay focused to finish tasks.
  • Builds Self-confidence – Mastering new skills and executing them in front of peers provides children an outlet to express emotions, ease anxiety and feel pride in their accomplishments.
  • Develop Physical Strengths – Performing gymnastics cultivates physical fitness skills by teaching balance, increasing coordination, improving flexibility as well as developing strong and healthy bones.
  • Expands Communication Skills – Correlating physical movements in a group setting connects children to others and teaches them how to interact and develop social skills.

It makes out entire staff so happy that your child shares our love for gymnastics and movement with us! The benefits our wonderful for their development, while having fun with out instructors at the same time.

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